AB-987 Passes State Legislature, Cutting Red Tape To Clippers Stadium In Inglewood

The Clipper’s Logo (Credit: Clippers)

After clearing both houses of the California State Legislature on Friday, AB-987 heads to Governor Brown’s desk for his signature and approval.

AB-987 was introduced by Assembly Member Kamlager-Dove (CA-54). The bill gives Governor Brown the authority to streamlines the environmental review process for the proposed Clippers Stadium in Inglewood. It passed the State Senate 35-0-6 (Ayes, Noes, No Vote) and the State Assembly 68-4-8 (Ayes, Noes, No Vote).

To qualify for streamlining, the bill requires the proposed stadium reduce the impact of traffic surrounding the stadium, such as requiring an on premises transit facility that supports shuttles, ride-share, and bicycles to reduce single occupant car traffic. It also requires that the stadium make the construction/design of the stadium environmentally friendly, such as by requiring the Stadium to be LEED gold certified, requiring dedicated electric car parking/charging, and that stadium’s roof design be amendable to solar panels.

The stadium would be located adjacent to the currently-in-construction Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park. The Clippers currently play at Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles, sharing the space with fellow LA NBA Team Lakers and LA Hockey Team Kings. Their lease at the Staples Center ends in 2024. The new Stadium is expected to include a sports medical center, retail spaces and team office space, as well as the possibility of pedestrian bridges crossing Century Blvd to next door Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park.

Currently the City and the Clippers combined own some 84% of the land required for the Stadium. The remaining land is owned and occupied by a variety of businesses.

More information on AB-987, including the full text of the bill, can be found at the California State Legislature Website.