Accident in Inglewood this weekend damages shops and Injures multiple people

This weekend an accident damaged shop and people. No fatalities. Two vehicles from what we know were moving at high rate of speed on the corner of Manchester and Crenshaw and lost control causing one vehicle to run into a clothing store and damaging an adjacent hair salon shop. People were hurt and police and fire were on the scene to treat the injured and control the scene. The shop was full of patrons and workers and there were injuries that required ambulance and medical attention on scene. No known fatalities. If you live in the community we urge you to see what you can do to help out these shop owners. We are close knit community and have lots of businesses that can reach out and give a helping hand to the shop owners. This was tragic and this shop is the source of income for many of our residents. What ever you can do or donate to help this business get back on their feet please do. Give us a call and we can help facilitate the way forward. Insurance sometimes takes so long we end up loosing the momentum that this business was working daily to produce. Inglewood is resilient and strong.

Community you know what to do. Email us at [email protected] or [email protected] we can get you in touch with those who are trying to help out.