Air Quality Remains Unhealthy Across Southern California, Entire West Coast

September 16, 2020

Air quality in Inglewood and much of the West Coast remains unhealthy Wednesday as fires continue to rage multiple states.

The Bobcat fire rages north of Pasadena, lasting more than 10 days and burning more than 36000 acres. The Bobcat fire as well as several other fires nearby SoCal contribute to the hazy sky and unhealthy air quality in Inglewood and surrounding areas.

Up north in Northern California and Oregon, much more severe fires have blanked cities with dense smoke, with high particulate levels measured by air quality monitoring stations located across the west coast. Purple air, a website that crowd sources Air Quality readings using Purple Air’s own sensors, showed reduced air quality levels across the west coast.

purple air quality map
Purple Air’s air quality maps showed unhealthy air quality across much of the west coast. (Source: