Animo Inglewood Charter School Graduating Class of 2018

Animo Inglewood Charter High School held its graduation this Friday. Animo Inglewood High School is one of the most prestigious schools in Inglewood. The principal Ms. Sue Jean Hong and Assistant Principal Micheal Segal greeted each graduate and handed them their High School Diplomas. It was an emotional service with kids of all cultures graduating and after 4 year of hard work the day was well earned. Families cried with tears of joy. Proud mothers, fathers, family members, friends who remember the hardships and good times of the fight towards today’s goal was shared. Mrs. Sue Jean Hong and Mr. Segal had tears of joy as they were with this kids day in and out pushing for this great moment. Today they are adults and will be moving forward to the light we call life. They have been prepping for college which Animo does well and has a great track record of doing. The Inglewood Times wishes these young adults good luck and a magnificent future Class of 2018!