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Becky G – Santa Baby

Becky G sings Santa Baby at Inglewood City Hall Aaron Community Cultural Center helps out this thanksgiving with a turkey giveaway Help support ACCC! (800) 527-4184

Snoop Dogg Turkey Giveaway Inglewood Times joins the City of Inglewood and Snoop Dogg to give out free turkeys at Faithful Central Bible Church
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As stadium construction continues, long time residents worry about rising rents. The latest revision of the Inglewood rent control ordinance is as follows: Rent increases are capped to 3% or the consumer price index, whichever is higher. This cap can...

United Dwelling

Inglewood Times Taste of Inglewood 2019 Featured in this video: Inglewood Unified School District Clippers Arena Inglewood Project Inglewood Economic and Community Development Inglewood Planning Department City of Inglewood Social Media and Video Heart for People Inglewood Times
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