City of Inglewood Passes Permanent Rent Stabilization Measure

Projects such as the new LAX-Crenshaw Line are making Inglewood the next hottest place to live, driving up rents and threatening to push out long term residents.

Today the City of Inglewood passed a measure to make Rent Stabilization measure permanent.

This permanent measure is a follow up to the temporary emergency measure passed by the City of Inglewood in March. That temporary measure limits rent increases to 5% in any 12 month period. It also had protections against unwarranted evictions of residents. The measure was extended a month ago while the city council continued to deliberate.

The new measure increases the max rent increase to 8% from 5% in some cases, such as when the property owner makes more than 10k in improvements. Still, many residents are happy that the measure has passed. Uplift Inglewood Coalition, a local grassroots organization that aims to protect the residents of Inglewood, was one of the organizations pushing for this measure.

This article has been edited since it was first posted. The original article stated a max 8% rent increase in all cases. This was incorrect. 5% is the max rent increase in the majority of cases. Only when the property owner can demonstrate more than $10,000 in property improvements or if they are determined to have kept rents less than 80% of city median rent can they increase rent by 8%.