Covid 19 Nursing Home Story

Hello Inglewoodtimes Team

I placed a call to you today in regards to my mother, Mrs. Maybelline Neal who is a resident at Inglewood Health Care Center. I have a concern with the way the Director of Nursing is responding to CDC, Public Health, and their Corporate. No one in the facility could answer my questions at the time except one RN. My mother was tested on Wednesday, April 29th for COVID 19 unbeknownst to me on that date. I received a call from my mother, who has a personal phone that I provided for her to inform me that she was tested and did not know why. My mother is a 70 yr old resident in the facility. I made a couple of attempts to call the facility to question. I received No call from the facility as per protocol, so therefore called the facility again on Friday May 1st. I spoke with the Director of Nursing Charles who did not know when my mother was tested. He initially told me she was tested on the day of question May 1st and then I informed him that the RN Edna already told me she was tested on 4/29th. My mothers test results came back on May 4th 2020 and I received a call from Edna RN to inform me of a positive result. I expected that, being that I am a Nurse and have knowledge of what’s happening with COVID 19 .I asked, “why was I not informed of the testing the day it was done?”

As per Skilled Nursing Protocol, family should be notified of change of conditions or invasive measures/testing done to any residents in the facility. My mother informed me that her original roommate of 2 years was moved days before my mother’s testing because she was coughing for 2 days and 2 nights non stop. She was moved prior to my mother’s testing. I agree with that. Now (May 5, 2020) since my mother has tested positive to COVID 19 asymptomatic, she informed me this AM that the facility has moved another patient in to her room who has been coughing from the night before. I call the facility and asked. I spoke with an RN supervisor named Beauty who said she did not know what was going on. I asked if there were and contact isolation set up outside of the patients room in the building and she responded, I don’t know. I proceeded to ask her if she is the RN supervisor in the facility, shouldn’t you know. She said, “It’s my time off, I’m documenting and the nurse who is suppose to be here is not here yet”. It was 8:30 am. The nurse to relieve her has to report to work at 7am.So I told her, you are the nurse until you are relieved. With no help even at that time, 8:30am, I had to wait to speak with someone who could provide answers and that was not until 12:45pm. I finally was able to speak with the Director of Nursing, Charles who did not want to hear any of my concerns.

I had a close family friend on the phone, and I made him aware prior to conversing, who is a nurse as well who had questions. Again, questions unanswered and he hung up in our face! I called the Director of nursing again alone after 30 minutes to give him a chance to research and he refused to answer any questions from me except, “we a cohorting”. He hung up the phone in my face again. The question is, if my mother is positive for Corona Virus and she is asymptomatic, why would you move another patient into her room who is also positive and symptomatic? Coughing, sneezing excessively.. Am I wrong for just asking?? We do not know the onset of the other patient nor how advanced she with her experience… Help Please