A Letter From Inglewood Times CEO Richard Diaz To The Inglewood Community

The Inglewood Times has been a part of the Inglewood Community for years now.  We exist because we wanted to have a voice that was not controlled or swayed by anyone but the people.  Our Inglewood community continues to grow, changing with time, its people remain resilient amid the crisis we continue to face with COVID-19 and how it has not only changed not only our community but the world.

We wish to keep the Inglewood community informed as to what is going in the city and share and shed light on small and large businesses in Inglewood, its people, and local non-profits while highlighting topics that affect all of us in our daily lives. We wish to be fair and objective as we move through the cycles of change. 

Many people ask, “why don’t you guys circulate your paper all over Inglewood”.  Sometimes I smile and laugh because we believe the future and present is on the internet and have a reach and presence that is second to none in that space. That said, it is our desire as a media platform and newspaper as well as a magazine which we intend to print quarterly.  In addition, in our commitment to the environment and sustainability, we would prefer to reduce our use of paper.

We support our city, giving a platform and voice to non-profits such as youth foundations and struggling local businesses that need to have not only a voice but affordable advertisement so that they can get a message to consumers and community members about their goods and services.  We try to share positive things that the community does which is ignored by most mainstream media and newspapers who usually highlight the pain and exploit stories of violence and poverty which we all know has an effect on all and any humans who digest the negative information into their daily diet. 

2020 has been a rough year for everyone. Many Inglewood residents are struggling in the face of layoffs and unemployment stability.  We highlight available job offers, share charitable resources and we provide positive stories that teach people how to live better and learn new life skills that are applicable to daily life.  In addition, we work with our city leadership which you the people have duly elected to help bring beneficial change to Inglewood. Together, as one, we are powerful beyond measure.

Having the new sports and entertainment venues here in Inglewood brings new opportunity and new worries. On one hand, these venues will inject jobs and investments into the community. On the other hand, fears of gentrification and rising rents. For better or worse we hope that these large franchises and companies will work to support us in our pursuit to better the Inglewood community. Often times local businesses are ignored and unsupported while big dollars go to support a select few who get payments and contracts on time to keep them afloat while we the small guys are self-financed and truly have the spirit and love for what we do and the people don’t get a dime while we support everyone and if supported could balance the way media is done and bring big value to our residents.   We believe in God and the people who live and work in Inglewood and want you to know we try to share relevant materials and content and to help those with no voice to have one.

As the owner of the Inglewood Times and a fellow Inglewood resident, I, myself have experienced homelessness and in the course of my life have met people from all walks of life who have been through far more than most. These experiences have given me wisdom and understanding that lead to the creation of this platform so that those unheard voices are amplified and not tossed aside. 

To the people of Inglewood, know that the Inglewood Times is here for you and we are building this platform for you.  Our families and our community demand the opportunity to be heard and we hear you loud and clear.  Feel free to contact us and share with others this platform in hopes that we can be your voice and source of news and entertainment as well as inspiration here in this beautiful City of Inglewood.

Richard Diaz- Publisher/CEO Inglewood Times.

[email protected]