Governor Brown Rejects SB 328, A Bill That Would Have Moved School Start Times To 8:30AM

We previously reported that the State House and Senate voted to send SB 328 to the desk of Governor Brown. However, it now appears that Governor Brown has decided to reject the bill.

“This is a one-size-fits-all approach that is opposed by teachers and school boards,” Brown said of his rejection of the bill. “Several schools have already moved to later start times. Others prefer beginning the school day earlier. These are the types of decisions best handled in the local community.”

SB 328 would have changed school start times to begin no earlier than 8:30AM. Proponents argued that later school times would be beneficial to children. Detractors argued that later school start times would add additional strain to parents, who have to balance getting their children to school and getting to work.

For now, SB 328 is dead. The bill still can be worked on and re-voted on next year.

The bill can viewed in its entirety on the California State Legislature Website, located here.