GreenPal App Lets You Get Your Lawn Mowed While Social Distancing

GreenPal App Showcase
The GreenPal App is available on both iPhone and Android.

It is now easier than ever to get your lawn cared for here in Inglewood. GreenPal, an app that connects homeowners with vetted lawn care professionals, is launching their service in Inglewood this week. The launch adds to a growing list of 46 states and 200+ markets that Nashville-based GreenPal operates in.

Homeowners can get their lawn care needs taken care of by inputting their address into the app. Lawn care professionals can then bid and compete on the property, using details provided by the homeowner, Google Street View and satellite images to base their quotes on. The homeowner is then able to select and schedule service with the lawn care provider they desire based on cost, ratings and reviews.

On the scheduled day, the lawn care provider will take care of the services requested. Once completed, they will send photos of the completed service to the homeowner. The homeowner can then pay and schedule additional appointments. The whole process is done from the GreenPal app, streamlining the lawn care service experience.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, use of the GreenPal app allows both homeowners and lawn care professionals to stay safe and properly social distance. Since all interaction is done through the app, homeowners and lawn care professionals do not have to come into close contact with each other, preventing additional spread of the virus. All payments are cashless and done through the app, requiring no physical contact. It is a great way to get your lawn looking pretty and reduce the spread of COVID-19 at the same time.

This service will especially help locally operated lawn care business owners, many of whom are seeing reduced work in the face of COVID-19, as homeowners look to reduce unneeded contact with others. Over 30% of GreenPal’s customers are over the age of 60, the age group most at risk of adverse COVID-19 complications.

Inglewood homeowners can sign up and get quotes for service through the website here.

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