How to use HIIT to REV UP Your Metabolism

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It’s a speedy cardio training method with many health benefits. There are different names for HIIT methods: Fartlek, Meyers, Tabata, etc. I use Tabata the most.

Use HIIT to rev up your metabolism, so that you can burn more calories during and after exercise– while you watch TV and sleep. You’ll burn about forty calories per hour while you sleep and/or watch TV.

Today’s health/fitness experts call HIIT a new fad, but many Olympic athletes (like me) know, it’s not new because we performed them back in the day to the present day. It’s very effective when done correctly and completed. For several years, I perform HIIT to maintain my endurance and weight. Also, I teach and coach HIIT in my ALTHEA fitness classes—many women have lost five to twenty pounds with HIIT and strength training. They’ve achieved weight loss within 30-90 days.

How is HIIT performed?

Run fast for short bursts at maximum exertion or effort. Choose the one that work best for you.

Example of a HIIT workout to perform 2 to 3 times/week:

Run fast for one minute, walk rest for three minutes, and repeat three more times. After sixteen minutes, your cardio workout is done. I love that!

You can learn more about HIIT in my #1 bestselling book, Irresistibly Fit. I share how my clients and I get results from performing only four minutes of cardio exercises.

TOP 6 Benefits of HIIT:

  1. Stronger heart and lungs
  2. REVS UP your metabolism
  3. Boosts your fitness level, strength, and stamina compared to moderate pace exercise, like 40-60 minute jogging or running
  4. Burns more calories during and after workout – while watching TV and sleeping.
  5. Fast weight loss


HIIT Leads to a toned body temple, like mine and other world class athletes—and achieved in a much shorter time.

FINAL HOT Fitness TIP of the DAY:

For more calorie burning and more toned Speedo-Body or Bikini Body, you need to perform strength/weight training after your cardio sessions. Cardio is NOT enough to get faster results.


HIIT exercises leave you exhausted by the end of each exercise and session. Perform HIIT exercises if you’re healthy and at a healthy weight. Always consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Listen to a three-time Olympian. Try the HIIT method to REV UP your metabolism, burn more calories, and tone and strengthen your body temple today.