Let’s Talk About FAA Land Use Restrictions

There have been questions in the community as to why we should build a Clippers Stadium instead of building desperately needed housing. The land was chosen by the Clippers because the land was deemed uninhabitable for years per FAA guidelines. The land has been owned by the City of Inglewood for the past 20 years. As shown in the picture below, noise restrictions by the FAA extend over the land where the Clippers wish to build their stadium. The areas highlighted above and drawn out below in black are not allowed to be used for any type of residential construction.  This is one of the main reasons why the City of Inglewood officials along with Clippers ownership chose this site.  What was once a barren piece of land, now can be transformed into a major revenue generating property benefitting the City of Inglewood and its residents.

A 2015 LAWA report shows FAA restrictions over Inglewood and other areas.

Link to 2015 LAWA Report