Little League At Dodgers Dreamfield, Darby Park Inglewood

Today  The Inglewood Times visited Dodgers Dreamfield at Darby Park here in Inglewood. We spoke to the parents and youth to highlight the games and the fun that the children in the community have been participating in. The Inglewood Times was there to share the fun and the energy with our community.  The youth today need activities that promote growth and love as well as family interaction. The people of Inglewood are indeed the breath and life of Inglewood and we at the times aim to promote from within the community.  If we put our all into our children and we work together as a community we can change the world one child at a time. Richard Diaz  – Editor Inglewood Times News Paper and Media aim to promote community, jobs, and awareness. Inglewood is changing and the only thing in life that we cannot control or change is time and change. These will come no matter what. We as partners, parents and a people on whole are responsible to share in the development of the future of our children.
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