Local Emergency Executive Order Amended

Local Emergency Executive Order was amended during this past Tuesday’s council meeting to include protection of evictions for commercial tenants. Read the ordinance verbiage below. To read the entire summary of the Executive Order, click on the image below.

The Moclamation, the Emergency Ordinance, outreach, and other precautionary measures have been implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the City of Inglewood. The proposed Executive Order seeks to extend the timeline of the proclaimed local emergency (45-days) to the maximum time authorized by state Mr, as wall as the following:

1. The Executive Order will supersede the Emergency Ordinance and provide commercial tenants with on protection.

2. The Executive Order will allot six mouths from the termination of the local emergency by the City or termination of the state emergency, whichever is later, to pay back the rent owed.

It is requested that the Executive Order be adopted to ensure that these matters are iv place at the time of adoption, to protect all tenants within the City of Inglewood.