New Video By The B1M Details The Amazing Engineering Effort Behind The SoFi Stadium

A new video released by Youtube Channel The B1M details the amazing engineering effort behind the new Sofi Stadium.

This new Stadium is being built here in Inglewood, on the former site of the Hollywood Park horse racing track. Part of a new entertainment and shopping complex, SoFi stadium is designed to seat 70,000 people, with the option to expand to 100,000 seats for major events. The stadium is set to be the new home of NFL teams the Rams and the Chargers. It scheduled to host the Superbowl in 2022, and is one of the venues selected to host the Los Angeles Summer Olympics in 2028.

This new video released today, details the massive engineering hurdles that designers of the stadium complex had to take into account. As an example, SoFi Stadium sits beside the active Newport-Inglewood fault. To protect the roof in the event of a large earthquake, the stadium includes earthquake dampers that connect the roof to its massive pillars, allowing the roof to safely dissipate the energy of an earthquake.

newport-inglewood fault map
The stadium sits adjacent to the active Newport-Inglewood fault, which had to be taken into account by its designers.

Additionally, the complex sits under one of the landing paths for airplanes heading into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). This limited the maximum height of Sofi Stadium. To get around this requirement, designers sunk the stadium into the ground, with the field sitting a deep 30 meters below ground.

The B1M’s five minute video also goes into other engineering hurdles and feats, as well architectural design considerations that make up the new SoFi Stadium.

SoFi stadium was slated to be complete last year. But heavy rainfall in 2017 during early construction caused a year delay. Sofi Stadium is now nearly complete, and is slated to be ready to open later this year. However, the global pandemic has threatened to delay the opening. An opening performance by Taylor Swift was cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic and the lock downs that comes with it. Additionally, the Rams and the Chargers were set to begin playing at the stadium in July, but it is unlikely they will move in before the year is out.

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