Please Remember To Complete Your 2020 Census

Reminders to respond to the 2020 Census have arrived by mail!!! Please remember to respond online early.

Are you ready to be counted? Below you will learn more about how and when the Census will be conducted. The 2020 Census will include the use of technology (they are trying to move away from paper forms) to obtain a faster and more accurate count. The Census will include online responses for the first time and it will be recommended for most applicants to complete the form online. The online form is expected to take between 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

It is extremely important that everyone be counted. This is how the federal government determines the number of House of Representative seats each state will receive. Additionally, the federal government uses the Census to determine how it will distribute federal funds, nearly 700 billion dollars, to states and local communities for roads, schools, hospitals, emergency services and more.

Below is a schedule of when the Census is to begin and how the government will make sure you get counted.