Sempra Energy Foundation: COVID-19 Nonprofit Hardship Fund

Our Nonprofit Hardship Fund is about doing the right thing.

We recognize that just as small businesses are struggling, so too are small and medium-sized nonprofit organizations. Community needs are increasing, costs are rising and key fundraising activities are being moved or canceled altogether. This combination of factors can create pressures on an organization’s viability and sustainability over the longer-term – and just when services are most needed.

Through our COVID-19 Nonprofit Hardship Fund, we will provide grants ranging from $500 to $50,000 to small to medium-sized non-profit organizations serving people and families significantly affected by COVID-19.
This could include:

  • Support for an increase in the volume of services being provided to clients as a result of the pandemic (e.g., meals for homebound seniors; meals or other supplies for those who are sheltering in place due to age or medical conditions; medical or other necessary supplies for those servicing increasing volumes of sick people, etc.);
  • Support for unexpected expenses associated with fulfilling these services (e.g., the hiring of additional workers or drivers; the increased purchasing of meal ingredients or necessary medical supplies); and/or
  • Support to help sustain basic operations and services to people and families impacted by COVID-19 amid the pandemic-related cancellation of major fundraisers that would have otherwise sustained operations.


In order to qualify, organizations must:

  • Have a charitable status under section 501(c)(3) and be in good standing with the IRS;
  • Be currently providing critical services to individuals and families significantly affected by COVID-19; and
  • Be providing health, education, welfare or social services in response to COVID-19 in the areas of the U.S. where Sempra Energy and its family of companies operate, including California, Texas and Louisiana.

Application must be made via our online application.  Click here to apply. 


The Sempra Energy Foundation Nonprofit Hardship Fund will not provide funding to:

  • Individuals;
  • Private foundations, endowment funds or for-profit organizations;
  • Large community foundations, nonprofit organizations or institutions that have established their own COVID-19 related response funds;
  • Groups that practice discrimination based on age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, physical or mental disabilities, race, color, religion, national origin, or ancestry;
  • Sectarian or denominational religious groups, except for programs that are broadly promoted, available to anyone and free from religious orientation;
  • Political parties, candidates or partisan groups; or
  • Groups that don’t meet the giving policies and guidelines of Sempra Energy or the Sempra Energy Foundation.