Spotlight: South LA Power Fest 2018

Today the Inglewood Times was invited to come out to Los Angeles to share a day of fun with the people of Los Angeles.  Inglewood Times wanted to create a voice that is truly all about the people and the community. In order to cover things and events that are usually never seen or covered by mainstream media, we chose to highlight an event were there was new talent, creative people, music, new upcoming artist, and highlighted people who don’t normally get a chance to travel or have this event right in their community within walking distance.

Inglewood Times has a Los Angeles section and can be located by LA Residents with a different URL which enables us to create a section exclusively for our Los Angeles friends and families which is called

There were rides, slides, games, food trucks, radio hosts, as well as bands and dancers. Entertainment was comprised of 3 stages with bands all playing simultaneously. There was a variety of music for everyone.  The event was well organized and security was present. People came out to support all the way from Torrance, Hawthorne, and Inglewood.  The event was so much fun for everyone involved. This was the Seventh Annual Powerfest put on by the City of Los Angeles. The various vendors sold clothing, artistry, food and there was support from everyone who was present.  The dance contests were wild and the kids who were participants showed our community they knew their stuff!.

Our children are so creative and talented, some practicing for this event for weeks on end; we would just like to say, “Great Job”!  The coordination and choice of music was just plain cool. Our Inglewood Times team spent the day with these kids and enjoyed their smiles and happiness.  Some new groups and bands hit notes that reminded us of Jimmy Hendrix and Aretha Franklin. Both Rest in Peace. We wanted to give a shout out to all that attended and to the organizers.

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