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Advertise With Inglewood Times

This package places your ads on the Inglewood Times website.

All advertisements are manually pre-screened before placement on our website. Please allow 1-2 business days for screening process. Advertisements depicting graphic, sexual and/or inappropriate content will rejected and refunded.

Discount for multiple week duration ads!

This package does not include advertisement design service, these must be provided by the client. We offer this service for a separate fee.

Three sizes of advertisements should be provided:

728x90 - Desktop banner
300x250 - Desktop/Mobile square
320x50 - Mobile leaderboard

Acceptable formats are PNG, JPG, GIF, and HTML. Size should be kept under 1MB per ad unit. Please email deliverables in a ZIP file to [email protected] after completing checkout.

Have other requirements? Need something special? Questions? Email [email protected]

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