Food Truck Opens For Business After Accident Causes Traffic To Come To A Halt On 105 Freeway

(Credit: Chris Keller / Los Angeles Times)

A fiery crash involving a tanker truck and an SUV caused Traffic to grind to a halt on both sides of the 105 Freeway in Hawthorne early Friday morning. The crash resulted in the death of both the drivers of the Tanker and SUV. The freeway was shut down for several hours and Metro Green Line service was also delayed.

The crash, located 3 miles away from LAX, left travelers to LAX missing their flights. Some in Ubers stuck in the fray, abandoned their rides and scaled the fence to get off the freeway, where they hopped in another Uber. Others got out of their cars to stretch and walk around.

A food truck also stuck in the mess, decided to open up shop right on the freeway. The food truck, owned by AC Catering, started serving breakfast and coffee to fellow stranded drivers.

The crash occurred at 5:13am and it took several hours for the wreckage to be cleared. Eastbound lanes reopened shortly after 8am, but westbound lanes were closed until after 7pm. CalTrans officials said the freeway structure was examined for issues and only minor damage was found to the road surface.

Via Los Angeles Times