Inglewood Begins Citywide Permit Parking Program

  As SoFi Stadium begins regular events and COVID-19 restrictions are rolled back, fear from residents lacking parking during events have sprung action from the City of Inglewood.

Due to these concerns, the City of Inglewood has implemented a system of parking permits. By doing so, the City hopes to reduce congestion and alleviate fears from local residents. 

As part of this program, residents in Inglewood must go online onto the City of Inglewood website to register their cars. Up to two cars per household may be registered for free, with any additional cars having a small fee for registration. Also available are free daily passes for cars belonging to guests of residents.

Information on the Parking Permit program can be found here.

The press release by the office of Mayor James T. Butts explains that the neighborhoods surrounding the stadium will be converted to permit Parking only. With this permit program, they “expect to preserve and protect the quality of life” of residents. The reach of this program is Citywide and will place parking restrictions 24/7. Failing to comply with these new restrictions could have your car towed and fined as enforcers will drive through residential areas 24/7 to issue citations and remove vehicles that don’t have a valid permit. Cars without permits parked between 8 am to 5 pm will be given time to leave before consequences are issued. Fans and visitors to the stadium have the option of using the City’s IPark&Go remote parking shuttle program. It offers an affordable and convenient means of travel for those who partake in the events and activities at the SoFi Stadium, for those who wish to avoid congestion at the stadium.

  1. Visit to buy offsite parking spaces and shuttle transport ahead of time. It can also be booked using the LAZgo mobile app.
  2. Guests need to have a parking permit, and shuttle passes either printed or on a smartphone ready when they reach the designated area.
  3. Fans and event attendees using IPark&GO will be dropped off and picked up at the city of Inglewood’s intermodal Transit Facility, located in Hollywood Park.

The shuttle program will be available for regular-season games on August 14, 2021. For more information, Follow us. At