Op-Ed: Jhene vs. Ella

I am pretty sure we have all heard and read about the Nicki vs. Cardi battle that has been surfacing for a while now. It’s time to shift our focus to Jhene Aiko and Ella Mai. They are two amazing female R&B singers who make great music, but the real question is who is better? In my opinion, this is a hard question because they both have different qualities that make them who they are. Let’s start with Jhene. She has a whole vibe ! She makes you wanna leave your man, get back with him, and leave him again. She is also very chill when she sings and laid back which gives her a relaxing vibe. Ella mai on the other hand, is more vocal. She harmonizes way more and makes you think about being with your boo having a good time. Most of her songs are about love on a good note. If I had to choose out of Jhene and Ella, I would have to go with Jhene. Who are you down for ?


Op-Ed by Jaelynne Johnson