Real Estate’s Surprisingly Hot High-Tech Tool is Actually a Traffic App

What’s the one must-have technology tool for today’s real estate agents right now? Yes, lead generation tools, a good customer-relationship management system (CRM), and a virtual staging app are key. But it turns out an app meant for something else entirely may turn out to be the most useful tech tool for today’s real estate agents.It’s Waze. Yes, the crowdsourced traffic app people use to find alternate routes when driving.“Waze isn’t technically real estate agent software, but if you’re stuck in traffic, you’re not selling houses,” said Fit Small Business, who names the crowdsourced traffic app as one of their best bets on the list of the “43 Best Real Estate Software & Tools for Top Agents in 2019.” Waze lets you “focus on your business by providing up-to-the-minute traffic condition reports from other Waze users. Plus, it’s a great tool if you’re giving clients a tour of your listings and want to hit as many properties as possible. It saves you time, frustration, and best of all, gas money. Waze is a must-have on any realtor’s smartphone.”Being able to guide you through heavy traffic isn’t the only advantage of using Waze.

Credit: Jaymi Nacirni via